Featured Destinations - September 2019

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The Maldives are known for crystal clear water, stunning overwater villas, and endless instagram opportunities. But these paradise islands offer so much more to enjoy! Some FSN highlights:

*Dine on incredible cuisine from all over the globe - which can even be enjoyed in restaurants under the sea, surrounded by the stunning reef (and did we mention that many resorts have free self-serve ice cream stands?)

*Dive or snorkel with majestic manta rays in the warm Indian Ocean

*Spend a day with your partner on a ultra-romantic deserted island - but with dedicated butler service just a phone call away

*Make it a family affair - the Maldives play host to some of the world’s most family/child-friendly resorts



In a kingdom that actually measures gross national happiness, smiles abound. Find your new happy place in the last remaining Buddhist kingdom on Earth! Some FSN highlights:

*Soar above snow-capped mountains in your private helicopter, then touch down for a romantic gourmet picnic overlooking one of the country’s spectacular valleys

*Tour incredibly elaborate and colorful temples with a Buddhist monk

*Hike 3000 feet up to Tiger’s Nest (pictured above) to marvel at the views, architecture, and sheer cliff-face setting

*Indulge in open-air hot stone baths - a traditional Bhutanese ritual made luxe at some of the countries high-end lodges



Dubrovnik has been made famous by ‘Game of Thrones’, but there are many ways to feel like royalty in this Adriatic country! We especially love it in the spring and fall, but it’s truly a year-round destination. Some FSN highlights:

*Charter a yacht and sail around the many islands that dot the Adriatic Sea like so many jewels

*Slurp down award winning oysters, mussel stew, freshly baked bread and locally made olive oil and wine on a private island where the oysters are grown

*Party like a rock star - or just relax and soak in the sun and champagne - at one of Hvar’s chic boutique beach clubs

*Join a professional truffle hunter and their dogs to scout out these nuggets of “edible gold”

*Hike around 16 lakes that cascade into one another via countless waterfalls, deep in the lush forest

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